14-Y-O Twin Runaways from Detroit Found with 30-Y-O Man Tell the Police That it’s None of Their Business Why They Ran Away – Video

After going missing, 14-year-old twin sisters from Detroit were found by police with a 30-year-old man at a hotel.

The teen girls had been missing for over a month and were located by officers at the Comfort Inn in Allen Park. The officers discovered the twins while investigating a report of a stolen credit card being used at the hotel.


The mother of the teen whose card was stolen notified the police after her daughter received an alert from her bank and the teens were recognised by one of the officers upon their arrival. The older man that the twins were found with, Markus Peoples, told authorities that the card number was given to him by his brother, and he was not aware that it had been stolen.

According to reports from Fox 2 Detroit, the girls told the police that they did not know Peoples, but he paid for the hotel room so they would have someplace to stay. In footage taken from the officer’s body camera, an officer tells the girls that he knows who they are and who has been looking for them.

After the officer asked why they ran away, one of the sisters told the officer, “Don’t worry about it. That’s none of your business.” The twins went on to ask the officer what is done with runaways who do not want to return home and if they would be placed in foster care.

After being found with the girls, Peoples has been charged with fraud, using a stolen credit card, and harbouring missing juveniles.

Learn more in the video report below.

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