Woman Gunned Down On Her Way Home In Detroit, Michigan – Watch Video

Saturday, September 3, 2022, 9:30 AM GMT-5

A Fox 2 News reporter, Jessica Dupnack, from Detroit, Michigan, USA reported on the brutal gun down of a woman on Friday, August 26, 2022.

As reported, Kayjuan Taylor was on her way home, just a few houses away, when she was chased down in broad daylight in Highland Park. The incident was captured by home surveillance cameras on Rhode Island Ave near John R. in Highland Park.


The footage of Taylor’s final terror-filled moments shows her trudging down the street on Rhode Island when suddenly a blue SUV pulls up in front of her and someone jumps out of the passenger side. The individual opens fire and Taylor tries to flee. The grainy recording captures the chase that occurs between homes and into a backyard in the area while Taylor screams for her life until she was eventually killed.

It was reported that this is a route that the deceased walked regularly and from the actions of the gunman, Taylor was killed deliberately. The police relayed to Fox 2 that there were no other casualties or injuries during the gunfire, except a stray bullet that broke an old lady’s window. Friends of the deceased told Fox 2 that they could not fathom a reason why anyone would do this to such a good person.

There are no current suspects, and the grainy video yielded no concrete leads.

The State Police of Michigan has taken command of the investigation, but there are no developing motives and the most useful piece of information that they have is the blue SUV that was caught on camera at the scene of the crime. Authorities are requesting that anyone with information make contact.

Watch the video below:

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