14 Year Old Turns Bar Into School In St. Ann

May 29, 2021

A young Jamaican is now being recognized for his immaculate work, being put in where education is concerned as he and his father turned an old bar in Queens Height Road, St. Ann into a bar.

The young teacher for the makeshift classroom is no other tha14-year-old Kelvin Peart, and he and his dad started the initiative for the children when they realized alot of them did not have access to online classes.


The young man who is now in 8th grade at the Fern Court High School told TVJ news that currently, he teaches the children Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.

The move by Kelvin might have many puzzled as to how it is done, knowing he also has school however according to him he teaches the kids Mathematics, in the morning then gives them work to do after which he goes to class, then when he gets break at 10:50 he attends to the young ones..

After this the young man says he gives them Language arts, then gives them more work all while he is getting all his assignments together.

At, first he said that many people were reluctant to send their children to the class however, more children are starting to attend.

One parent who spoke to TVJ news said that after her child began going to the class, she could see much improvement.

For Kelvin’s father, Kevin Peart the move was necessary, as the problem of kids not being able to get an education due to them not being able to access online classes was a real problem.


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