17 Year Old Boy In Grade 10 From Trench Town Already Has 7 Subjects

April 21, 2021

The latest Jamaican youngster to be celebrated for excellent academics is 17-year-old Derue Burton, from the volatile community of Trench town who in total between grades 9 and 10 sat 7 Csec subjects, and passed them all.

The star spoke to the high achieving young man, and they were told by him that greatness has always been his focus and that his lessons were always taken seriously by him.


His mother also spoke on her son’s achievement stating that he is a self-starter where studying is concerned, and not even money stops him from going after what he wants.

Even though Derue got a scholarship for $200,000 in his second year of high school, his mother expressed that financially things have been rather difficult for them to the point where she sometimes has to ask his aunt for money to finance his education or borrow it from a teacher.

Regardless of the struggles, however, Derue decided that he wanted to go to evening classes which he did at Half-way tree primary, eventually taking two CSEC subjects then later 5.

Even while going to the classes, Burton’s mom stated that the pressure was on them financially as he had to walk from halfway tree to Trench town sometimes, and even on one occasion, someone was killed on the road right before he got home, which saddened his mother knowing what her son has to go through for a better future.

For Derue however, even though his community is quite volatile and can erupt at any time in violence, he stated that he just stays in and study.

The youngster is now looking forward to taking 5 more subjects to add to his arsenal, and his mother has every faith in him that he will pass them.



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