(1992) Buju Banton’s Anthem to Black Women “Love Black Woman” Hits 31st Anniversary

Sunday, May 21, 2023, 12:05 AM

Released amid backlash from his controversial single Love Me BrowningLove Black Woman may not have won over the hearts of some but remains one of Buju Banton’s biggest hits as it celebrates its 31st anniversary this year.

Banton, born Mark Myrie, saw his career catapult to the top tier of artistes in 1992 and broke Bob Marley’s record for the most number-one songs in a single year. But 1992 would also be a controversial year for Banton, with his ode to “Brownings”, Love Me Browning, inciting backlash from some members of the public.

Buju and a Dark complexion female

In the eyes of some, the single seemingly reinforced the Jamaican male’s preference for lighter-skinned black women and pushed women of darker complexion to the background. Despite the backlash, the single became a massive hit, but Banton, cognizant of the negative reaction the song had sparked among his female fans, went on to release Love Black Woman

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While some viewed it as the artiste simply trying to kiss and make up with his displeased audience, it became an anthem for others.

Some lyrics, “Black is beauty uno colla is one inna million. Have it from birth ah natural sun tan [ … ] Wah dem ah do? wah dem try? wah di whola dem a plan? Don’t get mi wrong, bcaw mi love Black woman,” Banton sang on the track, both glorifying black women and dismissing any notion of him being prejudiced.

Listen to the song below.

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