19YO Throws Away Her Baby Because it was Crying Too Much – Watch Report

A 19-year-old girl admits to getting rid of her full-term baby because “it was crying” and would not stop.

The teenager, who was sitting in a hospital bed and crying as she was being questioned, was afraid to explain exactly what happened and only kept repeating, “It was crying.”


According to bodycam footage dated January 27, 2023, the incident seemed to happen shortly after the baby was born. In the short video clip, a female wearing a lab coat was heard saying that a dead baby was found in the bathroom of the girl’s hospital room.

The mother of the girl, who she called Lexie, said, “Oh my gosh!” Following her mother’s reply, Lexie stated, “I’m sorry. It came out of me and I didn’t know what to do.” When her mother chastised her for not telling the truth, she admitted that she was scared.

When asked if there were any questions, the mother asked how big the baby was, and a male doctor replied that it was full-term. Shocked, Lexie’s mother looked at her and she said, as if to explain, “That thing was crying.”

Reportedly, the girl was charged for murder.

Watch the video below:

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