Newborn Baby Discovered Hanging From Fence in Shopping Bag in Kingston – Watch Video

Sunday, May 7, 2023, 11:08 AM GMT-5

Good Samaritan Oshane Briscoe recounts the shocking moment he discovered a newborn baby in a shopping bag hanging from a fence; close to the roadways in Vineyard Town, Kingston. Oshane explained that he and a female was walking last Wednesday morning along the sidewalk when they saw a bag hanging from the fence moving.

Following an investigation, they discovered that it was a newborn baby girl.

In an interview with the Jamaican Gleaner, Oshane explained in detail how they made the discovery by stating, “See the thing moving well really she, a guess she is a lover of animal because she see the thing moving and she a seh a waa kind a puppy or a cat inside the bag wid the blood enuh, me nah go just come here so and you understand, me is a humanitarian person yeah but mark you me nah go, you see true it deh pon the fence and blood she come and tek it down.”

PHOTO: Jamaica Gleaner

Oshane also disclosed that the baby’s umbilical cord was still attached, and the baby was covered with ants, that started biting the baby’s face. “Everything from the mommy everything come out, the likkle ball thing with the chord was on the baby slime come like a couple of hours sumpin happen,” Oshane disclosed.

Immediately after the discovery, Oshane said he brought the baby to Jubilee Hospital, where they clipped the umbilical cord and cleaned the baby. However, the hospital said that situation wasn’t for them, according to Oshane. Oshane said that’s when he carried the baby to Bustamante Children’s Hospital for future care.

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Before closing, Oshane expressed his wish to eventually adopt the baby if it was possible, despite him having two sons already. Oshane also said he went to visit the baby on numerous occasions but wasn’t allowed to see the baby. Oshane went on to declare that it won’t stop him from visiting because he feels attached to the baby and to show he cares, “She haffi know us”, Oshane stated.

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See the video below:

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