1PABLO Looks to Elevate Our Hearts and Minds, Drops “Intersection” Single

YARDHYPE recently had a question and answer session with rising reggae music artiste “1PABLO”, Who recently released a song titled “Intersection”. Currently, 1PABLO is working diligently to take a top place in the reggae space. According to 1PABLO, “I’m here with intent to elevate the heart and minds of all people with passionate intellectual poetic content.”

Learn about who he is, what his music is about and where he sees himself three years from now.

Q: Where Are You From?
ANSWER: I’m from Kingston Jamaica but currently living in Jamaica Queen, New York.

Q: How long have you been doing music?
I’ve been doing music since my high school days, I found it to be a great outlet as I adjusted to America. It was my way of trying to blend both worlds and understand myself in it.

Q: What is your style of music?
Reggae is my style of music.

Q: What’s the favourite verse you wrote?
“All I do Is keep holding on, Vision in hand”, “Pushing through rough and still calm, Keep fighting on”.

Q: Favorite dancehall Artiste?
Vybz Kartel is my favourite dancehall artiste, his intellect and versatility are impressive. The man is a scholar.

Q: Favorite Reggae Artiste?
Beres Hammond is my favourite Reggae artiste, his messages of love and harmony were introduced to me by my father.

Q: Which Reggae/Dancehall Artiste has been most influential in your musical career?
I would say Shaggy, although he and I have never met. His background is similar to my own given that we both served in the military and knowing about his journey, reassured me of my own future.

Q: What’s next (Any new Project, Music video/single)?
I am working on music videos for both singles, Intersection and whisper. Also preparing to release my EP over the summer.

Q: What Keeps You grounded (Things you do to relax/chill)
My family keeps me grounded. Running and weight lifting keeps me focused and relaxed

Q: What do you love the most about Jamaica?
The Beaches, The Food, The Vibe, The music. Jamaica sweet.

Q: How do you usually come about your lyrics, write/freestyle?
My lyrics are inspired and motivated by current times. I sing and write about reality.

Q: Tell Us About Your Music Team
Libra Nation is an independent record label that consists of passionate role players that move in balance. We intend to add value to the world of music.

Q: What Are Your Views On The Current State of Dancehall And Reggae music?
There is no Dancehall without Reggae, both styles are needed. Both styles express and reveal concepts and context that is important to any specific listener.

Q: Where Do You See Your Self 3 years from now?
Three years from now i see myself doing what I love best. Making music to inspire on a global level and remaining grounded with my family.

Listen to “Intersection” song below.


Check out 1PABLO and his family in the pictures below.

He also stated “I’m sure I can assist with pushing a better narrative by way of restoring the balance of respect and honour.🙌🏾 🎶My songs will provide the framework of how to overcome all forms of obstacles in life.
I will express multiple layers of pain and triumph 👊🏾”.

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