2 Women Disguise as Grannies to get COVID-19 Vaccine in Florida – Video

Two women in Orange County has been given a trespass warning after it was found out that they disguised themselves as elderly women, to get access to the vaccine convention that took place in Florida.

The women have been identified as 44-year-old Olga Monroy Ramirez, and 34-year-old Martha Vivian Monroy, both were caught in deception by the police who realized the ages on the female’s license did not match up to those on their vaccine cards.


According to Dr Raul Pino, the women were on their trek to get their second dose of the vaccine but was stopped in time by the police who let them know, if they were caught trying to do the same thing again they will be arrested.

It is not exactly clear, how the women did it the first time and got through however they were caught wearing bonnets, gloves and glasses, looking like elderly women and even had access to their vaccine cards.

The Orange county convention was set up for people over 65 years of age, and since the two women violated the rules, their names were inputted in the vaccine software as ineligible to receive the medicine outside of a health care facility.

Already 3.8 million elders have received the vaccines in Florida and since the fraudulent vaccination attempt by the women, security measures have been increased.

Check them out in the video below.



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