2-Y-O Girl Snatched by Coyote – Watch Video

Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 11:36 AM GMT-5

A two-year-old girl was rescued by her father after she was snatched by a roaming wild coyote in their front yard.

The incident occurred in Los Angeles, California, and was captured on the family’s home security camera. In the released footage, Ariel Eliyahuo can be seen at the door of his car as his toddler Ariya, stands at the other side of the vehicle about to make her way up the driveway. Ariya screams as the coyote snatches her by her leg from behind and starts dragging her down the path.

Eliyahuo quickly runs to his daughter’s aid, and the coyote releases the child when he approached shouting. When the animal appears intent on staying, Eliyahuo frightens it away by hurling a bottle at it. According to Eliyahuo’s wife, Shira, the coyote returned that night, and coyotes have roamed the neighbourhood before, but the family never thought they were bold enough to attack.

The toddler was treated for rabies, and Shira shared with NBC4 that Ariya’s pants were stained with blood and that she had scratches on her body after the attack. According to experts, coyote attacks on humans are rare, but California Department of Fish and Wildlife Captain Patrick Foy recently shared that there have been seven attacks in Los Angeles County this year, which is more than usual.

 In a separate incident, a 5-year-old girl was rescued by her mother after a wild raccoon grabbed the child by the leg. Both the mother and her daughter were bitten by the animal during the incident and, like Ariya, were treated for rabies.

Watch the video below.

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