20 Members of UK Flight Tested Positive for Covid-19

Wednesday, December 23, 2020, 8:28 PM

20 members of a plane that arrived on the island on Monday, has tested positive for the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Of the same flight, 267 passengers tested negative, and will now be able to go home and self-quarantine.


Those tested positive, according to the Ministry of Health will be placed in isolation organized by the state.

The total number of people on the flight was 301, and there are still two persons awaiting test results, while they were three children who were not sampled due to them being under 12 years of age.

The positive test results will be sent to the lab, to be sampled to see if there are any traces of the new Covid-19 strain.

Jamaica joined a list of 30 countries, who have placed a temporary travel ban on the UK due to a new strain of Covid-19, that is rapidly spreading in the country.

The new strain of Coronavirus is said to be resistant to the vaccines and spreads 70 times faster than the first one, so a lot of countries have taken the immediate precaution to ban the UK.

See some of the the reactions from the travelers below.

Call 1-888-ONE-LOVE, If you are anyone you know develops symptoms while in-home quarantine.

See the latest Jamaica and world Covid-19 stats below.

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