20yo Jamaican Pilot “Georgio Hado” First Tv Interview After HISTORIC FLIGHT – Video

Sunday, December 5, 2021, 3:01 PM GMT-5

As we progress into the future, more and more Jamaicans are gaining immaculate accomplishments worthy of recognition, and 20-year-old Georgia Hado is one of those persons who have recently done something unforgettable. The young man recently appeared on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica program, after becoming the first person to fly solo from the United States to Jamaica.

In his interview on the popular television program, Hado told the host, Neville Bell that he had a passion for aviation since he was a child and that was the reason he chose to attend JC since they had a program fitting for his dream career.

Georgio explained that as a child he was accustomed to travelling regularly, but would stare at the planes from the airport window whenever he was there, having the deep intuition that it was his ultimate dream to become a pilot.

By the age of 12 Hado was well on his way in accomplishing his dreams as he was reported at that time to have taxied a plane, later landing one at age 13. Those moments, according to the young pilot, were some of his most thrilling ever, as it was him getting to do everything he ever dreamt about.

On his recent solo escapade from the United States to Jamaica, Hado stated that the journey took two weeks in total since he also had other engagements and since it was a small plane, he had to make 6 fuel stops on the way before landing in Jamaica.

Learn more from the Interview below.

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