27yo Ally Brooke of ‘Fifth Harmony’ reveals why she is Still a Virgin

October 16, 2020

The famous singer Ally Brooke, a 5H member, has broken the silence and has spilled some beans about her personal life. The gorgeous singer recently revealed in an exclusive interview that she is a virgin by choice. Ally accepts that being a virgin at 27 is tough, and she gets allured and seduced by the idea of sex many times, but she wants to wait until she gets married.

The Fifth Harmony singer encouraged all the virgin ladies out there that they are not alone, and many girls like them want to wait till marriage and want to attain happiness with their one and only special man. She gave out a special message to all the virgin ladies and told them that they need to stick to their stance and continue to follow what they strongly believe in.


She also mentioned famous singers like Jessica Simpsons and Jordan, who remained virgins until they got married. Ally also revealed that she hasn’t gotten physical and intimate with a man yet. This is just crazy and unbelievable to believe as the singer is working in the entertainment industry and is surrounded by so many hot men. She is gorgeous, sexy, and has everything that a guy can dream of.

Considering that she must have tons of men following her, it is hard to believe that she hasn’t been involved with a man physically. The singer says that her only reason for not doing the deed is that she is waiting for marriage.

Ally further explains that it is a battle to hold her urges throughout all the years. However, her career and life seem to be more critical at this point. She also believes that waiting for the right person will finally bear fruits of patience. She believes in overcoming the urge by being steadfast and remains dedicated to her goals and achievements. Being with one partner will give her ultimate happiness and satisfaction. It looks like she is still looking for the man of her dreams, and saving herself for the right man seems to be her top priority rather than having multiple lustful relationships.

Fair enough as we do understand her point of view, which isn’t wrong either. The interview kept going very interesting, and the reporter had to ask her if she has any advice for the virgin ladies out there. To this, Ally had an equally witty reply, and her fans were delighted to see her speak her mind openly.

If you are also one of those ladies holding out your urges, you are not alone. Her decision to have no sex has influenced her professional life in the right way. She is navigating it very well and hoping to find the right man all this while!

See her performing in her biggest song titled “Work from Home” below which has over 2 billion views on youtube.



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