29 People Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask in Mandeville

In Mandeville, Manchester, 29 Jamaicans were arrested by the police as they enforced the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA) and locked up those people who were not wearing masks.

Superintendent Gary Francis the head of the Manchester Police reported that under the DRMA, 44 persons were prosecuted and 15 were arrested at an illegal party that evening.

The Mandeville Police were seen detaining people I the Town who were not wearing masks in a video that went viral on social media. They were carrying out a targeted operation.

Francis is reminding the public that police officers are committed to supporting the Ministry of Health and they want them to adhere to the law as it relates to the DRMA.

Another 15 Jamaicans were arrested last Friday in Belritiro, South of Mandeville at a day Rave.

The police in Manchester wants to see strict compliance of the DRMA even though they don’t take pleasure in prosecuting, they will not hesitate when they are doing their duty.

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