3 Armed Men Rob House in Broad Daylight – Watch Video

Friday, October 13, 2023, 7:08 PM

Masked men were caught on a surveillance camera scouting a house in broad daylight in the vicinity of Greenwood.



The footage did not capture much of what the perpetrators were doing at the home, but the video was shared online with details that three suspicious men stole multiple items from the house.

According to the information that was released, the robbery was conducted when only the maid was home. The “gunmen” held up the maid and stole two laptops, two GoPro cameras, two cellphones, one backpack, one pair of Clarks, and a pair of Nike shoes.

The short clip did not show the robbers holding any of the items, as it seems the camera was spotted before their illegal act was completed.

The footage, which showed one man wearing a full mask and another with a cloth wrapped around the lower half of his face, concluded shortly after the camera was pulled off the property and carried away by the perpetrator.

The information accompanying the video also stated that the three men tried to rob another house in the area but were unsuccessful.

Watch the video of the robbers below:


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