3 Fun Things To Do In Jamaica

Whether you are planning a vacation to Jamaica, going there for work, or moving there, you will discover a world of fun and excitement. One of the most beautiful places on earth, the lifestyle is Jamaica is often portrayed as slow and laid back – which it certainly can be, if that’s what you’re after. But this country also boasts lively nightlife which is great for people who like to party. If it’s your first time going, you may want to know what kinds of things there are to do. Here are 3 really fun things to do while you’re in Jamaica.

Gentleman’s Clubs

Jamaica is not just known for its beautiful beaches and lively music scene. It is also known for having drop dead gorgeous women! A great destination for a bachelor party or just a trip where you want to let loose and live a little, you’ll find many incredible gentleman’s clubs in Jamaica! 

If you love meeting stunning ladies, then you’ll certainly love the ones you’ll meet there. They are much more open about sex and sexuality than other more conservative countries, so if you end up at one of these clubs you will be treated well and have a great time. Plus you’ll get to meet some ladies who will make your vacation much more enjoyable and exciting! 


Of course the white sand beaches of Jamaica had to make it onto this list. Though the weather is great year round, especially if you go during the hotter months you will want to take advantage of the clear waters and miles and miles of blissful beach you will find. There are beaches for every taste from family appropriate, quiet and secluded, clothing-optional, or more of a loud and exciting party atmosphere. Do some research on what beach may be best suited for your preferences and don’t forget to pack your sunblock

Live Music

The music scene in Jamaica is perhaps what it’s best known for. While reggae is indeed very popular there, you can find live music venues everywhere that showcase every type of genre. Whether you’re looking for something classy and low key or a club to have a crazy night at, the music scene in Jamaica will not disappoint. There are even street performers who set up nightly on busy streets and some of them are extremely talented musicians! No matter what kind of music you dig, be prepared to have an absolute blast in Jamaica.

Catch up on rest before you board your flight to Jamaica, because there’s so much to do you’ll want to pack it all in and there won’t be much time for sleep! 

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