3 Men Accused of Throwing Urine on Police Inspector in Kingston

Three men appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday to answer to charges of common assault and employing offensive and defamatory language following an incident earlier this year at the lock-ups.

One of the individuals, who had previously engaged legal representation, informed Senior Parish Judge Paula Blake-Powell on Wednesday that he no longer required a lawyer as he intended to enter a guilty plea.

The accused admitted to throwing urine at a police inspector.

“Your Honour, my attorney no longer represents me because I wish to plead guilty,” the man said. He further stated that they did indeed throw urine. However, only a small amount accidentally got on her clothes.

While acknowledging the men’s admission of guilt, Judge Blake-Powell preferred that the complainant be present in court. However, the men were dissatisfied with this suggestion.

“Your Honour, we plead guilty because we want this over and done with. The complainant will not come to court because she knows she is lying,” one of the other defendants asserted. He continued by stating that the complainant was at the police station, insinuating that she was not interested in turning up for court.

Considering the concerns of the men, the judge issued a subpoena for the complainant’s presence at the next court hearing.

According to the Jamaica Star, The three men also accused the administration and staff at the correctional facilities in the Corporate Area of mistreating them due to their sexual orientation.

After asserting that they face daily discrimination, the men implored the judge to transfer them to the Kingston Central lock-up, which is more accommodating.

One of the accused men faces an additional charge of petty theft, while another has an upcoming legal matter in St Ann later this month.

The judge ordered the three individuals to remand in custody until July 20th to provide sufficient time for finalising their case files.

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