3 Men Calmly Spectate a Double Murder – Watch Video

A few patrons were sitting outside of an establishment (it is unclear if any of them were involved in the incident) when a gunman bares down on his unsuspecting victims before absconding from the scene as quickly as he had appeared.

The incident was captured on video footage.


All the men in the video seem to be older men enjoying a night out. The scene is quiet except for the voices of the men, who were not loud enough to be heard clearly even on the videotape. Two of the men were seated at the far corner of the premises, on a raised column, and conversing among themselves, while another individual is seen in a chair with arms folded.

His companion is standing close to him, speaking to someone else inside the building before taking a seat. A man in a grey sweater later emerges from the inside and they exchange a few words before he seemingly takes a seat as well.

This is when the attacker briskly swoops in and begins his assault. The aggressor fires two rounds into the man closest to him; shots are the only thing to be heard in the sudden silence, and then turns his weapon to the door of the building. He disappears inside and starts shooting once more. The man in the grey sweater takes this opportunity to flee the scene, and he can be seen escaping on foot down the street.

The gunman leaves the building, fires another shot into the first victim for good measure, and also flees the scene.

Throughout the entire ordeal, the three primary individuals in full view of the camera remain seated and do not even bat an eye at the murders that were just committed. After a moment, one of the men seated on the wall gets up to see what happened inside the bar.

Take a look at the video below:

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