3 Million Trees To Be Planted Island Wide To Tackle Climate Change

Learn about Climate Change and Jamaica Government’s Initiative that Will See the Planting of 3 Million Trees.

The daily climate change reality has become controversial, as there are many persons who believe that the earth goes through changes over time and it will go back to being normal one day, and there are environmentalists who say the speed at which the climate is getting hotter has never been seen before and more needs to be done to halt this change.

Mr. Peter Espeut spoke about the islands in the Pacific Ocean that have disappeared, and the people are making plans to live in Australia and other places.

He says here in Jamaica it is not that bad, but the keys that are off the shores of Jamaica are disappearing and the shores of Jamaica might start sinking soon as more and more land is sinking, if there is no slowing down of Global warming. 

The environmentalist wants Jamaicans to be more proactive and do more to protect the environment.
The Government has started a new initiative to tackle climate change, 3 million trees will be planted across the island. 

Climate change spells disaster as there is hotter temperature, more droughts, excessive rainfall.

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