3 of This Security Guard’s 4 Children are not His and He is in Shock!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 9:22 PM GMT-5

A 35-year-old Jamaican security guard whose identity was withheld is currently going through depression after paternity test results proved that 3 of the 4 children in his family are not his. His girlfriend had told him earlier that all four children were his for a long time and he believed her even though he caught her cheating in the past.

He did not just catch her cheating but also heard many rumours about her sleeping around with various men in the community they are from. “Mi come home early and the door locked. She open the door and she say she a beg mi go back a road go buy a pill fi her because she feel sick. Mi say mi a guh change mi uniform, and when mi open di closet and when mi look, is a man bend down with a knife, and him stab off a mi and run out,”.

The story was published by the Jamaica Star who also did not state the name of the female nor the community they are from, however the article detailed that he was 18 years old and his girlfriend was 17 years old when she first got pregnant.

According to the father, all four kids call him daddy and he is the only father they know “Mi feel like mi a guh crazy because I am the only father those children know. Mi did feel shocked when mi find out, mi nah lie,”.

He recalls on two different occasions when he found out that the two of the babies had a different last name from his and when he asked her about hit she would cry and tell him that she was threatened by her ex to put their name on the birth paper instead of his, “I loved her with all my heart” he states before explaining that each time he tried to leave her in the past, he just could not do so because when he is not around her it makes him feel sad..

He told THE STAR that the Children ages are 17, 13, 9 and 5. It was not disclosed which age child is his.

In closing, he revealed that he had suffered because of her misdeeds and tried to forgive her because they have been together for almost 18 years until he found out that most of their children were not his via the recent DNA tests.

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