3 Russian Girls Kill Their Father After Years Of Abuse, Now facing murder charges

Thursday, July 30, 2020, 2:19 PM

On Friday the case of a father who had been killed by his three daughters will be opened before the court of law.

In July of the year 2018, Mikhail Khachaturyan had just returned from a psychiatric clinic where he was admitted.


On returning home he realized the apartment he and his three daughters were living in was messy and proceeded to punish the three girls for the untidiness by pepper spraying them all in the face.

The girls who have reported physical, mental, and sexual abuse for the past four years took the situation hard as that night they decided to kill their father for the years of unwanted treatment.

The girls who are known by the names Maria, Angelina, and Krestina and are 17, 18, and 19 years of age accordingly, utilized a hammer, the same paper spray their father used, and a knife to carry out the act leaving their Dad with dozens of wounds.

After killing their father the sisters then went ahead to call the ambulance however was also arrested the following day and interrogated where they admitted to the murder and stated that they had inflicted knife wounds to themselves to make it look as if the father had attacked them first.

The girls later let the police know that they had taken desperate actions to defend themselves from years of abuse.

According to the Russian courts, the sister would be looking at up to 20 years in prison for the act however since the sisters have been locked up in July, numerous human rights groups, as well as public figures in the country, have been fighting for the case to be overturned based on the underlying factors that led to the act.

Surveys have even been done in Russia about the case which shows a lot of the country’s citizens also wanting them to be freed.

According to the same survey reports many women who are incarcerated in Russia are there for the damage they have done to abusers.

The sisters are set to go on the stand for premeditated murder which was about to be reversed based on the fact that the prosecutors have hard evidence from text messages with the father threatening to kill the daughters as well as other evidence that shows the different types of abuse.

The legal team defending the Khachaturyan girls also stated that the accused females were mentally unstable and unfit as a result of illnesses developed from prolonged abuse.

Recent developments have however shown a change in opinion of the prosecution which means the sisters will answer to the premeditated murder charge.

Some are claiming this is a result of a constitutional amendment done to keep Vladimir Putin the Russian president in power.

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