39 Charged by ICE as Human Rights Violators in the US

During a nationwide operation, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency reported that Jamaicans and Haitians are among the 39 fugitives (30 males and 9 females) arrested for their roles in suspected or known human rights violations.

ICE reported that the operation started on August 27 and ended on August 29.


Persons from El Salvador, Guatemala, China, Liberia, Cambodia, Chile, Chad, Ivory Coast, Columbia, Ghana, Nicaragua, Honduras, Sudan, and Sierra Leone were arrested as well.

The persons arrested all have outstanding removal orders and they can be sent back to their home countries.

The suspects were arrested during operation “No Safe Haven V” and 16 of them are criminal immigrants in the US, they were convicted for various crimes such as robbery, fraud, theft, reckless endangerment, drug distribution, driving under the influence of alcohol, firearm possession, grand theft and domestic violence.

ICE National Fugitive Operations Programme and many other law enforcement departments worked together to arrest the fugitives.

ICE reported that approximately 415 individuals have been arrested for human rights- related violations since 2003, under the many criminal and/or immigration statutes.

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