4 Best Music-Inspired Watches to Buy

Watch lovers, and music enthusiasts possess a few similar things. They always know the in and out of their specific obsessions. They tend to grab the opportunities to ever bring it up in any conversation. There are a lot of affordable watches, music instruments, or music albums in the market, but they are more than willing to spend a lot of money to add new things in their collection even if it’s expensive. It’s their love for the obsession that they cannot contain.

Because of that, it’s not a surprise that there are a few crossovers between the two groups of fanatics. It’s now understandable, music is all about keeping time. With a clear link between them, it’s just appropriate that there is a lot of timepieces that have designs inspired by music in some way or another. Few watches honor specific bands, while others carry musical concepts into their design. So here’s a list of some of the best music-inspired watches you need to buy.


Freelancer David Bowie Limited Edition Men’s Automatic Watch

This timepiece was designed carefully to keep the British artist’s most known trademarks. It is a special edition, and it features a sleek 42mm diameter case in stainless steel. The dial resembles a vinyl record, and there is a legendary red lightning bolt at 12 o’clock. At 6 o’clock, there is also an iconic pop art logo made by Andy Warhol.

This watch is made in collaboration with the David Bowie Estate. Raymond Weil pays respect to the legendary musician. It is a Limited Edition freelancer “David Bowie” timepiece. The watch is designed to pay tribute to the musical career and life of one of the most inspiring artists. To commemorate supposed to be Bowie’s 70th birthday, they created this watch. It is also dedicated to the personas portrayed by David Bowie. He was a creative artist and a man of thousand of voices and faces.

Tango GMT Bob Marley Limited Edition Men’s Quartz Movement Watch

A beautiful tribute to this world-class music image, introducing the Bob Marley tango GMT watch. It is made in collaboration with House of Marley, and the manufacturers made this tango limited edition with only 1,500 pieces available worldwide. This timepiece is designed with the iconic lion head that is recognizable by every Bob Marley fan in the black dial. This limited edition watch has a sapphire crystal with a red accent in the second hand, yellow circumference circle and green GMT hand. The Ethiopian flag also inspires the color palette.

In addition to the stunning design, the tango GMT Bob Marley holds up to the power of the main RAYMOND WEIL tango and collection, and this watch is water-resistant that can go down up to 300 meters. The steel bracelet is stainless and done with a double pusher security clasp. This limited edition watch is a must-have to al the Bob Marley fan.

Freelancer AC/DC Limited Edition Men’s Automatic Black Leather Watch

This watch is lined with a glowing treatment, and to put the rock and roll vibe to this watch, the hours are glaring with studded indexes. There is a textured pattern that recalls the AC/DC high voltage bolt design just beside the iconic AC/DC art placed at 12 o’clock. The AC/DC logo adorned the strong rock credentials and is repeated through the black leather strap. For added water resistance, the manufacturers screwed down the sapphire crystal back.

This timepiece was launched in 2007. The freelancer collection is made to honor the free-spirited man who hopes to still be in control of his own destiny. It also features an electric combination of urbane mechanical timepieces. This freelancer combines with classic and pure to come up with a unique and harmonious design.

Maestro ‘The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Limited Edition’ Men’s Mechanical Movement Watch

RAYMOND WEIL continues to collaborate with the world’s famous icons, and this time it’s the well-known rock band, The Beatles. This watch is created as a much-awaited third maestro The Beatles timepiece that has a limited piece of 3,000 only. The dial of this timepiece is grey color with a black drum outline in the middle and is emphasized by yellow gold electroplated details like the outer edge of the drum. The special index is at 4 o’clock and The Beatles logo at 6 o’clock. This watch is perfect for honoring the legendary rock band and its famous Sergeant Pepper album.


Whatever is your passion, always remember to enjoy doing it. There a lot of things that can correlate, and the best examples are the timepieces mentioned above. These are the watches that the music and timepiece enthusiasts will be happy to collect. Well-known, influential icons inspire all of these collections to be made. So if you are a collector, you would love to add all of these to your collection.

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