4 New Covid-19 Deaths In Jamaica

Covid-19 is on a rampage throughout Jamaica and, it seems no matter the policies implemented to keep the pandemic under control, it still seeps through and continues to spread and take lives.

The last update on the virus is that it has since Sunday claimed four more lives that comprise of elders ages 57, 73, 92, and 95 years from the parishes of Trelawny, Clarendon, Kingston, and St. Andrew.


These statistics are quite interesting as the death toll in Jamaica is now at 93 persons a jump from the 75 reported last week, while a confirmed amount of 153 new cases has brought the total number of recorded cases to 6170. The 153 new cases include 83 females and 70 males and constitute people from most of the parishes in the country.

Even though the total amount of cases recorded in Jamaica totaled 6,170, there is still an amount of 4,250 people being heavily observed because of suspicion.

On a positive note, the recoveries from the virus have increased to 1,741 with 35 people being the latest to get better from the deadly virus.

People are now being advised, more than ever to take proper precautions as the virus has now reached the level of community transmission.

The Prime minister of Jamaica Hon. Andrew Holness had a breifing on Septemeber 22nd, he began by assuring the public that he only removes his mask while he is talking to the public on a mic, he then went on to give the nation the latest Covid_19 updates.

Bro Gad presented a graph showing how we got such Cases of recent.


PM Holness explains that this is a new phase he called “community transmission” which was inevitable.

He went on to blame the spike on the numerous events that took place in the month of August where many people were not compliant with the rules outlined.

With that said, this current spike was expected by the authorities however the people are urged to keep the virus spread as minimal as possible by following the guidelines issued at briefings held frequently by the Government. 


Jamaica is still doing a good job of containing the deadly virus more than most countries around the world.

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