4 of 10 People Who are Tested in Jamaica Returns Positive Covid-19 result

According to civil society director representitive Dr. Carolyn Gomes, more testing in Jamaica is needed, she believes the Government should use the lockdown period to do more testing and more contact tracing. Currently, there is a 46% positivity rate among the Jamaicans who are tested for the virus. 

She also says the Government needs to begin social support programs to assist people who are in lockdown. As more needs to be done to change the present trajectory. Gomes also spoke about the help that is available internationally and she believes more could be done to access it.


Just under 27,000 Jamaicans were vaccinated, 6 more persons died since yesterday, taking the total number of deaths to 542. There were 335 new cases, the total number of cases rose to 36,231. 

Most Covid-19 cases are found in Kingston and St Andrew and St. Catherine is next. The number of patients that are ill and hospitalized with the virus is now at 433 with 40 who are critically ill.

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