4 People Killed in Riverton City in War over Landfill Control

The Riverton City landfill is the most popular one on the island but not much is known about the recent upsurge in killings in the area.

A resident at Riverton said he was not able to work, he had to be depending on his sister for help, because he doesn’t know who next will die.


It started when one man known as Bloody, was killed on the main road outside the dump and it has continued ever since.

In the past week the crime has caused a reduction in the amount of economic activity including the recycling business, that takes place there.

The Commissioner of Police Major General Anthony Anderson revealed that the advancement of technology and the access to specific data will help the police to solve the problem.

It is alleged that the criminals are fighting over ownership of the landfill.

Learn more from the CVM news report below.

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