42 Persons Arrested As A Part Of Bizarre Church Ritual In Mobay

October 18, 2021

Following the raid of the Pathway International Kingdom of Restoration in St. James by a joint Police Military team, 42 persons have been reported to be arrested.

The intrusion by the security forces took place on Sunday evening and according to Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson when intelligence was received by them that a member of the church was injured after disobeying orders from the church leaders.


The information from the injured member, according to Commissioner Anderson, led them to believe that there were ritualised killings taking place at a 3-day convention the Police were told the church was keeping. The reports are that 144 persons were sent messages to congregate at their chosen spot which was a serious matter to the police.

Upon going to the location, a shootout ensued with members of the security force and the members of the church, which led to the death of a man.

Based on what the joint team of the Police and Soldiers discovered at the location of the gathering, two persons were reported to be killed because of the rituals being conducted. A police officer was also discovered to be a member of the church and the Police Commissioner has issued word that other members of the JCF are under suspicion to also be a part of the bizarre group.

Rumours are also circulating that the leader of the church is gay.


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