48 People in Custody After Police Raided illegal Party in Clarendon – Video Report

May 30, 2021

According to the police, when they arrived on the scene “A big party was in session” with an estimated 200+ patrons, most of whom managed to escape via various means. As stated by the police, this was a yearly event that was well-planned, the police also took the time out to urge others to obey the COVID-19 protocols.

Many persons are not happy with the raids, with the fact that illegal events were allowed to be held at the western end of the island for foreigners recently, one person stated “Foreigners can come to Jamaica and party at Ricks cafe and go back to where they lived untouched and the police and those who in authority turned a blind eye but the Jamaican people get arrested and charged for partying what a double standard”.


The event was being held along Central Avenue in Clarendon.

Learn more from the TVJ News report below.


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