5 Applications Helping Follow Sports Events

With the emergence of the Internet, following changes in sports is simpler than ever before. Nowadays, anyone has unlimited access to all live events whenever they wish. You can watch live broadcasts or recorded games, receive detailed statistics, and track the most important changes in your favorite league right via your smartphone from any place with an Internet connection provided. However, to gain access to all the advantages of modern technology, you would need a proper mobile application. What app the best one for following different sports? Let’s find out! 

1. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo’s search engine may not be the greatest of all, but its sports app is definitely worth checking out. Dedicated sports fans will find everything they need in Yahoo’s solution – customizable news reports, notifications about breaking events, and numerous real-time streaming options. With Yahoo Sports, one can enjoy live broadcasts of the top international tournaments in numerous sports. Golf, racing, best football leagues, tennis, and many other disciplines are covered live in Yahoo Sports. You also get access to high-quality articles from expert journalists and former professional players. As for the technological side of the app, the company has polished it in every aspect. Yahoo Sports comes in 2 themes (dark and light), uses little memory, and has customizable news feed and notifications. Oh, and remember that you can set up a Yahoo account to synchronize the incoming news on all your devices. 


2. CBS Sports

CBS’s solution is similar to Yahoo’s in many aspects. Both applications deliver live streaming options, customizable news reports, and detailed analytics. However, CBS Sports stands out due to its unique recording feature and proficient, in-depth examination of events. CBS also offers decent personalization options. For instance, the audience can use their Facebook or Google accounts to log in to CBS Sports and choose their favored teams. The app will gather all news about the given team, including schedules, players’ profiles, and scores, and grant the user quick access to all these parameters. In addition, CBS Sports can track your location and show you the most interesting news about local teams. 

3. theScore

theScore offers a great application for IOS, Apple Watch, and Android. It allows sports fans to connect using an in-app messenger and even set up group chats. Similar to other applications on the market, theScore features customizable feeds, notifies you about upcoming and live events, and tracks the performance of your favorite team. The app covers all major basketball, football, baseball, and golf leagues, in addition to other popular sports. You can also disable notifications for a given game using theScore’s Mute Notifications feature. Finally, the app can synchronize with your phone’s in-built calendar to provide you with a full schedule of your favorite team. 

4. 365Scores

If English is not your native language, 365Scores is probably the best choice for you. It comes in 20+ languages and covers more than 1,000 leagues in various sports worldwide. Similar to other solutions, 365Scores has a location-tracking feature, which allows you to stay updated about the performance of your local teams. The app has a unique 3D game tracker capable of building a full visualization of an event and tracking its highlights. 365Scores also provides customizable news feed, notifications on chosen leagues, events, or teams, and statistics.  

5. Eurosport 

Eurosport’s main advantage is an abundance of exceptional quality sports articles it provides. With more than 150 written materials issued daily, Eurosport is clearly the best app for those who love in-depth analysis and statistics. It also offers live streaming and recorded highlights of numerous sports and leagues. 

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