5 Tips For Choosing The Right Party Playlist

July 11, 2022

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When the outdoor entertainment season is here, the time is right to clean up the barbecue and prepare the space. One of the essential things for a good party is the right playlist, so don’t underestimate the importance of great tunes. The music sets the mood, so choosing the right songs is essential. But you would also want the music to fit everyone’s taste.


The right music choice depends on the timing. Friday night is the best time for hip hop, while Sunday morning would be ideal for relaxing reggae music. But choosing the songs might be difficult when you have a group of friends with clashing tastes. In this case, a fun way to help decide is to use a spin wheel to determine the songs that will be played. The spinner wheel website is easy to use and can help you decide in seconds. Also, you can add multiple wheels.

To make this process even easier, we’ve added some helpful tips for choosing your playlist…


The type of party will largely determine the song choice. What is the theme of your party? Is it a birthday party or just a family gathering? Or is it a dance party with friends? Quiet and relaxing music will be the best choice if you want to catch up with family and friends. You wouldn’t want the people to shoot because the music is dynamic and loud. If you plan to throw a dance party where everyone can show off their moves, it is better to go for fast-paced music that motivates everyone to dance. 


When shaping the best playlist for a party, you really should keep in mind everyone’s wishes. You can still do research even if you listen only to a specific music genre. Popular apps will display the trending songs within different genres, so this is an excellent starting point. If you aren’t sure of your friends’ preferences, you can pick a playlist with the good old classics. Everyone knows classic tracks, and you can be sure they will enjoy the playlist. 

Respect everyone’s preferences

When compiling the playlist, consider the people that are coming. If your teen cousin attends the party, ask him or her about her favourite songs. If your grandma is visiting, you should find out which songs she used to listen to in her younger days. You might not agree 100% with the choices, but it is essential to include something for everyone!

Include variety

Just because you need to pick a genre, it doesn’t have to mean that the playlist should lack variety. The playlist can contain music from different genres and years. Your guests might be tired of listening to only one music type, so a bit of variation will bring the unexpected element. While today’s top 40 songs are popular and everyone knows them, they can quickly become tedious. 


The playlist should also have ups and downs. You might want to start with gentle and relaxing music to wish everyone a warm welcome. As the party progresses, include more dynamic music choices.

Mind the volume

The music volume is essential in setting up the atmosphere. You would want the perfect volume that is comfortable for talking but also elevates the atmosphere. When the music is too loud, making a conversation is very difficult. On the other hand, too quiet music won’t encourage partying. Also, you would want to minimize the possibility of noise complaints. If you have neighbors nearby, it is better to turn down the volume. Otherwise, you risk having a visit by the police. Or, at least let your neighbors know that you will have a party, and they might show more tolerance. 



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