50% More Returning Residents are Being Murdered

More returning residents have been murdered this year compared to last year. An actual 47% increase was recorded in 2019 and Mr. Percival LaTouche the President of the Jamaica Association revealed the information as he has been concerned about returning residents all along.

He said last year there were 17 deaths of returning Jamaicans for the whole of last year and this year there has been 25 and the year has not ended yet.


Two days ago, Evadney Gayle was chopped to death at her home, she was, 67-years-old and there are other murders that have taken place recently that causes Mr. Latouche to be trying harder to tell Jamaicans who are thinking of returning to the island after they retire that they shouldn’t bother.

Mr. LaTouche is now very adamant that persons who are living abroad should stay where they are after they retire. He referred to a recent case where a 74-year-old woman, Peggy Aljoe was raped and murdered, and a man had pleaded guilty.

The president who would normally assist people when they want information about that they need to do when they are returning home, is now telling people to stay where they are whenever they call him.

He referred to the murder of Jermaine Junior and said “Jamaica has become a fertile place to commit murder” as he seems to believe the murders are not being investigated.

As the lawyer who was at the house sleeping when the murder took place has been ruled out as a suspect.

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