$500,000.00 Contract Made for Baby Nyyear The Stolen Baby

The accused thief, Anniesha Ramsay gave a statement to the police in which she said the baby was given to her by a friend.

Baby Nyyear Frank, was the baby who was taken away from his mother after he was kidnapped in Kingston last October. There are allegations that he was stolen because of a $500,000.00 contract.

Accordning to THE JAMAICA STAR Anneisha is now saying she was not a part of a child stealing plan, as she only wanted to adopt a baby and got the then 5-week-old baby Nyyear.

According to her lawyer, it was after she got the baby, that her friend began asking her for the sum of $500,000 for the baby. 

The Clerk of Court in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court said, based on the statement, the baby was given to her and the persons who gave her the baby had arranged a payment plan for the adoption of the child. Even though she didn’t know about the payment plan before she got the baby.

Ramsay’s attorney, Davion Vassell said she was depressed after she lost her baby in August when she was 5 months pregnant and didn’t know what to say when friends ask her about her baby, as she was expecting one.

After she posted sad things on her WhattsApp story, her friend messaged her to find out what was wrong and she told her that she was depressed because she had lost her baby.

The friend told her that he knew of a person who wanted to give up their baby for adoption and she told them that she would be willing to adopt the child.

When the friend contacted her again it was time for the baby to be handed over, but the Clerk of Court said a statement was made by Ramsay earlier when she spoke to the police and said that her friend had mentioned the cost of the adoption before the infant was given to her 2 months after.

Her friend allegedly made contact, telling her he had a baby for her and days later delivered the child who turned out to be Nyyear.  

Nyyear was found in a house on Finch Crescent, off Waltham Park Road in Kingston.

The parish judge Feona Feare-Gregory said Ramsay will return to court on March 13 and the request for her bail was denied.

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