56 Worshippers Dead, 194 Injured From Bomb Inside Mosque In Pakistan

Loud explosions erupted the usually quiet sanctuary inside a Shia Mosque in the northwestern city of Peshawar in Pakistan that claimed the lives of over 50 persons, while injuring multiple others. This bombing occurred when worshippers gathered for their usual Friday prayers.

Police Chief of Peshawar, Muhammed Ejaz Khan reported that before the bombing, the police were attacked by two armed assailants outside the mosque. A gun battle ensued, whereas, a police officer was killed along with one of the men. The other armed assailant proceeded to the mosque and detonated a bomb.

The Bomb Disposal Unit stated that approximately 5kg of explosives were used and ball bearings were added. The wounded were subsequently taken to the Lady Reading Hospital where hospital sources have revealed that at least 56 people died and at least 194 persons are wounded.

Naeem, a man who lives close to the mosque recalled the moment that he was alerted by the loud explosion which he claimed to have forced his house door open. He shared that he heard about six to eight gunshots then witnessed a suicide bomber entering the mosque and soon after the explosion occurred.

Furthermore, this is not the first time that Peshawar has experienced these violent bombing attacks. Victims who survived such incidents shared their recollection of the incident where one specifically recalls his body being propelled into the air and landed on the street from the explosion. Other witnesses to these incidents are left with memories of blood and dead bodies laying on the ground.

Violence in Pakistan, however, has been on an all-time high where it is reported that military personnel in army outposts along Afghanistan’s border are being targeted.

The bombing attacks have since been condemned by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

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