6 Practical Apps Everyone Must Have

Thursday, August 25, 2022, 9:21 AM

Are you wondering what apps everyone needs on their phone? Well, you don’t need to worry because we have compiled a list of apps you need on your phone of everything available to download from the Google Play Store so that you can stock your Android smartphone with the best practical apps. Because there are millions of apps to choose from in the Google Play Store, it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth installing on your device.

We want to be of assistance. We have sorted the useful application and prepared a list of the top and most popular free apps you absolutely must have on your phone. We have not included any of Google’s apps on this page because you most likely already have them on your device.


The main functionality of these most useful apps can be used without cost, even though some may offer in-app purchases or subscriptions. These best apps to have on your phone are likely to suit your needs.

What are the apps I should have?

There are apps you need on your phone that go beyond the functionality of practical utilities. Have a look at the following download recommendations:

  1. Popup Widget 3

If you use too many widgets, your home screens can rapidly get cluttered, and your phone’s performance may suffer. However, this is one of the best and most useful apps for Android widgets that are incredibly handy. Popup Widget 3 completely reconceives how they operate.

It will convert all the selected widgets into 1×1 icons on your home screen. If you tap on one of them, it will open up and reveal whatever is contained within it. The app gives you the ease and quickness of widgets without the performance hit that comes with them. For example, you don’t have to launch the whole app to read your most recent tweets or check the weather. Popup Widget 3 will cost you $1.99 only.

  1. MacroDroid

A good number of the best apps to have on your phone to remove the monotony from the routine chores you carry out daily by automatically performing those duties. MacroDroid is an automation tool that works similarly to Tasker’s widely used app.

MacroDroid, on the other hand, is an application that can be downloaded and put to use right away, but utilizing Tasker to perform more involved tasks successfully requires an extremely steep learning curve. You have the option of adding additional limitations, which allows you to more precisely tailor the circumstances under which your macro can be executed. MacroDroid is free.

  1. iCall

Service to customers is vital to any successful enterprise; therefore, having a phone recorder iPhone or Android app is important. This department has direct contact with customers and has a significant impact on the reputation of the organization.

Every business must ensure that the employees working in customer service provide the highest possible level of service at all times. Recording calls allows customer service supervisors to listen to calls and work with staff members to improve “soft skills” such as attentive listening, active listening, clear communication, speaking with a positive attitude, and more.

The best phone call recorder app for iPhone and Android is iCall. The iCall call recorder allows managers to listen to live or partially recorded conversations between customers and employees. This function allows the manager to listen to and assess the call before the call is finished.

  1. Quick Cursor

Do you find it difficult to use your phone with just one hand? This should not come as a surprise, given that screens on newer generations of electronic devices are steadily growing in size. Quick Cursor is one of the apps you need on your phone. The application will put a cursor on the screen for you to manipulate using your thumb.

This cursor will allow you to interact with buttons and other elements of the program’s user interface. The ingenious part is that you must drag your thumb across the bottom third of your screen, and the cursor will move to the top of the display. Align it with a button and tap it to activate it; it’s as easy as that. You can download the Quick Cursor for free.

  1. Lynket Browser

The use of social media is an excellent method for locating items on the web that are of interest, but it is not always practical to read them straight immediately. It is sometimes more efficient to save many articles in a queue and return to them at a later time.

That is possible with Lynket Browser. It operates in the background to open web pages. You may get to it whenever you want by tapping the floating bubbles on the screen. It’s uncomplicated and quite helpful. Even though the software hasn’t been updated in a while, it still lives up to its claims. Lynket Browser is available to download for free.

  1. Notepin

Notepin performs a task that is so obvious that you’ll wonder why your phone doesn’t already include it. It enables you to compose notes and pin them as reminders to your notifications panel. The software isn’t very complicated, but you can organize your notes by importance or by when they were added, and they’re color-coordinated, which looks amazing. Your notes will be accessible in your notification panel once you’ve pinned them until you unpin them. Notepin is a free download app.

The list of the practical, most useful apps has ended. If you have your favorite apps, share them with us in the comments.

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