6 yo Drowns in MayPen after being swept away by Flood

[Sharingbuttons]News in is that on Monday about 3pm in the Afternoon 6 years old DAJAHNE Pennant of Oliver Gardens in May Pen, Clarendon was on his way home seemingly from school with a 13 years old family member. They reached a flooded area and attempted to cross, half way through crossing 6 years old Dajahne was swept away by the raging water, he was not strong enough to battle the water and get back on to land, while on the other hand the 13 years old fought her way back on to dry land, By the time DAJAHNE Pennant was washed away.

The Police was alerted about the situation and a search was carried out for DAJAHNE Pennant after which his body was found and removed from the water.

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