6ix9ine acts a fool in Filthy Diaper plus Announces Album ‘Tattle Tales’

August 27, 2020

Rainbow hair rapper Daniel Hernandez aka Tekashi 6ix9ine on August 26th announced that he will be releasing his next album on September 4th, the day after Jamaica’s general election.

The controversial rapper who is now 24 years old made the announcement in a controversial way, he decided to go into the community of his rivals “O Black” which is located in Chicago, USA to make the announcement.


The rapper also urges fans to pre-order the album for that option is available.

Daniel Hernandez released his last album DUMMY BOY in 2018 at the same time he got locked up and according to the rapper he did not get to promote it on the streets how he wanted to. Tekashi was granted bail during the coronavirus pandemic earlier in 2020 after his layer complained about health concerns.

6ix9ine who is now free is out and about clowning people as usual and his latest antics was him wearing a diaper with feces stains on it, acting out a situation when another rival rapper Lil Reese got jumped, causing him to pee and filt on himself.

Lil Reese replied to Tekashi’s video stating that the person who jumped him got bullets, further reports states that the person was killed.

Tekashi always carry a bunch of security around him hence he is not afriad to clown other rappers to promote is new album.

The rapper scored his first Billboard hot 100 number one months ago with Nicki Minaj for the song “Trollz” which will be on his upcoming Album ‘Tattle Tales’.


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