7 Effective Tips To Start A YouTube Channel in 2020

August 25, 2020

Youtube is one of the best ways to interact with your audience on a wide scale. So much so, that being a Youtuber is considered a profession itself.

However, the road to becoming a popular Youtuber isn’t an easy one. So if you’re wondering how you can start your Youtube channel, here are seven tips for you that work in 2020.

  1. Plan your content and find a niche

The first step to form an online presence is to plan your content and find a niche. Before recording your first video, you must know what type of videos you want to make.

Youtube allows you to post anything which meets their community guidelines. Ensure that the genre you pick is something that people value and will take out time to watch.

Most popular youtube channels post videos related to a specific topic, which helps them find the right audience. It would help if you did the same.

  1. Buy the right equipment

The next step is to buy the right equipment depending on the type of videos you’ll be making. For instance, if you’ll be making streaming videos, purchasing a good quality mic would be a good investment.

Or if you’ll be making travel vlogs, then a high-resolution camera should be a priority.

  1. Take inspiration from fellow YouTubers

Youtube is full of content creators, and you can take some inspiration from them. Check out similar channels and the way that they do things. Taking inspiration doesn’t mean that you begin copying their style.


You have to be unique in your own way. If needed, connect with them and ask them about the editing software they use, the equipment, etc.

  1. Learn how to edit videos

Editing videos is a critical part of being a Youtuber. After recording the video, you’ll need to edit the videos to add background music, compile different clips, and remove unnecessary parts.

You can hire a professional to do that for you, or you can learn to do it yourself. The best way to go would be to start with an easy to use editing software and work your way up to more sophisticated ones.

  1. Optimize your videos

The next step is to optimize your videos so that it reaches the right audience and ranks high on Youtube search results. This includes choosing a crisp title which is eye-catching and describes the content of the video in an effective way.

You should also write a compelling description that intrigues your audience to watch more of your videos. Make sure to include the keyword or the key phrase in both the title and in the description to improve your search rankings.

  1. Connect with your viewers

Once you have posted a few videos, remember to interact with your viewers regularly. People will comment on your videos to give feedback and your job is to reply to those comments and thank them for watching it.

Of course, there will be some negative feedback, but you must show restraint and respond in a cordial manner to those comments. Engaging in a cyber fight with your viewers is not a good idea.

  1. Post videos regularly

The final step is to post videos regularly. It doesn’t mean that you post dozens of videos every day. Find a pace that suits you, like one video per week or per month and stick to it.

Let your viewers know about your video posting frequency and if you’ll be taking a break. If you remain absent for a long time without any notice, your audience will migrate to other channels and never get back.


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