8-Year Old Killed While Watching Football In Clarendon

Tragedy struck yesterday in the community of Howells Content Clarendon, as a little boy was fatally shot, while casually watching a game of football from a nearby grave. The deceased had been identified as 8-year-old Xavier Phillips otherwise known as “Bojo”, whose Grandmother recently took him from the country to spend time with her.

According to the reports at around 7:40 am, a Toyota car pulled up at the field where residents were playing football, when two men who were occupants of the vehicle alighted and started to fire shots, later escaping the scene.


At the end of the traumatic event, Xavier alongside two men was found riddled with multiple bullets. They were rushed immediately to the Hospital however, “Bojo” succumbed to his injuries while one man has been released and the next remaining in critical condition under treatment.

The child’s grandmother was devastated upon hearing the news and said “No more Bojo! A me guh fe Bojo a country. Me nuh come see no more Bojo! Me see Bojo lie dung! Jesus Christ!”.

She reported that she left the child in bed, to attend to duties she had to clean a church, and it was upon her return that she was struck by the news.

Xavier’s mother was also deeply cut by the event, and according to the Jamaica Star that originally brought the story, family members had to be holding her as she was extremely shaken by the incident.

Children’s Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison spoke out on the gruesome act, saying that it was evil and careless whilst hoping justice is served fast.

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