83yo Bill Cosby returns to Court… Here’s Why

Sunday, October 11, 2020, 8:58 AM

 Bill Cosby has appealed to the Supreme Court, and after his appeal, the court had decided to hold oral arguments regarding the case on a virtual platform in December. The actor was charged for an indecent assault, and he was convicted for the assault back in 2018.

Cosby was convicted for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting an employee of Temple University. The victim named Andrea Constand, charged Cosby for sexually assaulting her in 2004. The University employee claimed that he had won her trust and took her to his home, where he allegedly assaulted her sexually.


During the trial held at the Supreme Court, five other women also appeared in court and testified against Cosby for sexually assaulting them. The prosecutors had concluded at the hearing that the comedian had a prior record of sexual assault, and he had made it a practice.  However, the legal team of Bill Cosby argued that the testimony from these five other women is not related to the case, and the accusations should not have any importance in this case. During the trial, Cosby also admitted that he acquired Quaaludes and drugged women for having sex with them.

History of the case

According to Andrea Constand, she thinks of Cosby as a mentor. He was someone she could look up to and gained all the trust. There are reports that Cosby gave Andrea some pills because she was intoxicated and sexually assaulted her. She told the police about it in 2005, but they ignored what she had to say.

Sexual assault incidents took place in 2004, but they decided to settle the case in a civil court. After many years of this incident, many other women were open to discuss that Cosby had drugged and sexually abused them. Even though Cosby is an influential and popular figure in the industry, they didn’t shy away from telling their truth.

Andrea’s case was the one where the statute of limitations had already occurred. Due to so many women claiming that the same thing happened to them, a new team of prosecutors took the case forward. Both Andrea and Cosby gave their statements, and Cosby was arrested in December 2015.

Cosby is 83 years old and currently serving his sentence at SCI phoenix. The state prison is located near Pennsylvania, where most prisoners with a sexual assault history are kept. He is also designated as a sexually violent predator in the state.

He was eventually found guilty after a long trial back in 2018, he was sentenced to 3-10 years.

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