93-Year-Old Woman Brutally Raped in Keith’s District, Brown’s Town

November 10, 2019 11:32 AM

Micheal Belnavis, the Mayor of St. Ann’s Bay, decried the brutal rape of a 93 year-old-woman after she was attacked and sexually assaulted and the mayor says the crime is a wakeup call in the parish.
The old lady is now in hospital recovering from the terrible ordeal.

A crime like this is very rare in Brown’s Town and the whole parish of St. Ann and it is very important for the criminal to be found because there are a lot of old people living in the area where this old woman lives.


The elderly woman was in her home on Thursday morning at approximately 3am when she was attacked.
The Mayor is also very concerned about the reputation of the parish, as St. Ann is a popular tourist destination and the crime rate there has been low over the years, but in recent times, there has been cause for concern as the number of crimes has started to increase.

Crimes such as robbery, shooting, break-ins and this one, rape cause persons to started to worry and look to the constabulary force to increase their operation in the parish. “There are some new faces in the area, and this could be the reason why the crime rate has gone up”, this is what the Mayor said.

Persons who live in the area are angry as they are on edge, one woman was heard speaking about the baby that was dumped in the pit latrine in Esson Castle and now this and called on Jesus for help.

The matter is under investigation, (CISOCA) the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse and the Brown’s Town police are working together on solving the crime.


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