A Group Of People Lift A Car Off A Motorcyclist

A man and a woman were travelling on a motorcycle when they were almost killed by a motor vehicle that hit the back of the motorcycle and ran it over. The shocking accident took place in the popular resort town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where luckily many good Samaritans were present.

The incident that was captured on a street cam shows the female, who was seated at the back, falling off the motorcycle after the car smacked into it. The male motorcyclist, however, ended up being pinned under the car along with the motorcycle.


Immediately after the accident, a large group of people rushed to his assistance and worked together to lift the car as one person pulled him from underneath. The driver of the vehicle also came out to offer help, and together, the 20 people raised the vehicle off the ground.

The male, who was identified as Alex James, was safely pulled away and later expressed his appreciation on Facebook. Sending gratitude to the persons who saved him, he also sent gratitude to God in a post that read, “Thanking the man upstairs…the bike can be replaced but I can’t.”

Watch the video of the accident below.

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