Man Dies After Falling into a Pot of Hot Porridge – Watch Video

A man from Tamil Nadu, India, passed away from severe burns he sustained after falling into a large cauldron of porridge.

Reports state that the man, identified as Muthuswamy, was in charge of overseeing the preparation of the porridge for an upcoming festival. The July 29 incident was captured on camera and shows Muthuswamy walking along a row of large pots filled with porridge. He then staggers backwards suddenly and appears to lose his balance. Muthuswamy holds on to one of the pots, moments later he slipped inside.


One bystander can be seen rushing to get help, and men run to grab hold of Muthuswamy. But the heat of the steaming substance prevents the men from immediately pulling him out.

Muthuswamy was taken to the Rajaji Government Hospital after a team of Samaritans finally pulled him out, but he died from his injuries. Police have launched an investigation into the tragedy and what caused Muthuswamy’s sudden unsteadiness has not yet been determined. According to his wife, he suffered from epilepsy, which may have initiated the fall.

Watch video below. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Video- New York Post

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