A New National Earthquake Readiness Committee Being Established by Government

The Jamaican Government has decided to establish a National Earthquake Readiness Committee to better prepare Jamaicans for the natural disaster. It will be linked to the Natural Disaster Council and the National Building Advisory Council.

Desmond McKenzie, the Minister of Local Government and Community Development made the announcement when he addressed a Town-Hall meeting in Port Antonio, Portland recently.

He said the committee will be headed by Roger Smith from the National Works Agency and other members will be pulled from the Jamaica Fire brigade, the National Environment and Planning Agency and the Jamaica Master Builders Association.

The Minister also emphasized the need for this committee as he spoke about the many new buildings that are being erected in areas that are prone to disasters.

He said many well-known Jamaicans are stating that they are willing to serve on the committee, to ensure that buildings will be constructed according to the various building acts.

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