A Staggering $25,000USD Is The Cost Of A Bugatti Veyron Oil Change

In a stunning revelation by car owner/collector and real estate mogul Manny Khoshbin, who owns three Bugattis in his car collection, he declared the astronomical fee of $25,000usd he has to pay yearly for an oil change in his Bugatti Veyron.

The first point Khoshbin made was that Bugatti recommends replacing the oil as well as all of the fluids within the vehicle every year. This alone, according to Khoshbin, cost him $25,000 for his Bugatti Veyron annual oil change.

In an interview, Khoshbin outlined why a simple oil change is so costly by stating, “Because a normal car has one drainage plug, but this car comes with 16 different drainage plugs, and guess what, they’re not easily accessible.”

In order to access the 16 drainage plugs underneath the car, Khosbin explained that the Bugatti technician had to remove the rear wheels, the rear brakes, the lining on the fenders, and the underneath lining so that he could replace the fluids inside.

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Khosbin also pointed out that owning and driving a Bugatti is unlike anything else, and he is not looking to give up either of his three Bugattis anytime soon.  

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