A Texas Barber was Shot 3 Times After he Messed Up a Haircut

Thursday, December 26, 2019, 10:08 AM

A father thought his 13-year-old son’s haircut was a botched job and an argument and gunfire followed.

On Saturday, the boy went to Magic’s Kutts and Fades outside Houston for a haircut and left, he had no problems. The father did not like the haircut and went back to the Barber to talk about how super messed up his son’s haircut was.


The barber worked on the boy’s locks and repaired them free of charge, but the father and the barber still began fighting in the car park. It all ended when the father pulled a gun and gave the barber 3 shots. He is expected to survive, as the shots hit him in his stomach, leg and arm. 

The police at the Harris County Sheriff’s office, are now looking at surveillance footage and they want to talk to the father and his son. The father has not been found since he left the scene.

Cops in Texas reported this “Investigators have identified a man believed to have been involved in the barbershop shooting and we are asking that he contact investigators directly to tell his version of what transpired.”

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