“A We Set This,” Rygin King and Jamal Claim “Dunce” Slang and Bash Valiant for Promoting Dunce in Schools – Watch Video

Dancehall entertainers Rygin King and Jamal declared that any artiste using the term dunce should know and acknowledge the origin of the dancehall slang as they are the creators. However, fans of Valiant see this as a direct attack on the Dunce Check artiste.

Rygin King and Jamal went Live via Instagram to express their frustration with other artistes using the slang and not showing homage to them. “Man them fi know seh a yah so everything start man one king and dunce man you see it, a column man u see pree, uno don’t bill like me enuh u zimi don’t try be like me neither you see pree, memba enuh a one dunce,” Jamal explained.

Rygin King also joined in by confirming Jamal’s claims. Jamal continued his speech by stating, “Memba seh we dunce enuh one king and we build this enuh from scratch enuh fada u zimi, and watch yah nuh we try fi set the dunce thing pon a level dog u zimi.”

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Jamal also said he was disappointed with artistes using the dunce slang and getting children involved by wearing school uniforms and going to schools to shoot their music videos. “We never too get the kids them involved, you know a mean, as bad as things be u zimi we never too get the kids them involved and nowadays we see every man inna khaki clothes and gone inna the school you see it,” Jamal outlined.

While explaining their point a commenter asked Jamal to call Valiant’s name to which Jamal reacted with anger, requesting Rygin to block the individual.

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See the video below:


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