Abihail Myrie Gets Baptised Amidst Family Feud

Wednesday, November 3, 2021, 10:24 AM

Daughter of the reggae legend Buju Banton, Abihail Myrie has decided upon a move that many people are celebrating with her, especially knowing how much the 21-year-old model has claimed to be experiencing in recent times.

Just a few weeks ago, it was reported that the daughter of the Grammy Reggae artiste, had been reported missing; however, it was later found out that she was not missing but was finding a way to avoid her family members since she reported being abused by several of them.


The issues with the Myrie family did not just start in recent times as the “Gargamel”, has appeared several times in the news media with stories of big issues popping off between him and his children. Just recently Abihail released a series of tweets on her Twitter account about her alleged abuse, and it was later revealed by her that she and her big brother Jahaziel had a scuffle, which even led to him getting a scar on his face.

After the altercation between him and his sister, Jahaziel took to his Instagram urging people to follow up with his sister, to encourage her to get help because she is sick and has been attacking members of their family.

Abihail surprised everyone, however, in a twist of events as she announced on her Social media with picture evidence, that she had given her life over to God by baptizing. In the photo, the singer’s daughter could be seen clothed in a wet white robe which was evidence that she had taken the dip of Christ.

In the caption of the post, the young model highlighted her baptism, as the best day of her life, referring to the experience as one for the books, which she was happy to have documented for the world to see.

Leading up to her bold decision Abihail stated in the caption of the post that she had to fight, cry, get publicly humiliated, and learn from all that to get back up which she was able to do by trusting God and living in the name of Christ.

Even though Myrie mentioned that the journey was rough and she lost friends and family on the way, she mentioned that it was necessary as it was the only way for her to move forward with her life to the point where she is now able to share her testimony and fulfil her purpose which she was not able to do whilst being her most vulnerable self, who was stripped emotionally and physically of what she refers to as her layers.

In Abihail’s eyes, it was all worth it since she stated in the post caption that she is now doing much better, feeling stronger and wiser with a firm conviction that she is a child of God.

Many of her followers were very delighted to see the sudden changes made by the young model and supported her with kind words. Even her brother Jahaziel, who she was reported to have been in a scuffle, supported her decision and commented on the post by telling her to fly high and find herself while going with God.

The son of the Reggae legend also included in his encouragement to his sister, the popular saying that states blood is thicker than water while also referring to “Bin Laden and Bush” in hinting at their past issues as a stepping stone to move on.

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