Adam Stewart and PM Holness BREAKS GROUND For ‘Sandals Dunns River’

Thursday, May 27, 2021, 9:44 PM GMT-5

Today marks a great day for the Sandals Company as Prime Minister Andrew Holness and the current executive chairman of the company Adam Stewart, broke new grounds for Sandals Dunn’s River.

The new resort is set to be right across from the main attraction, and already great predictions are coming from the Prime Minister, as to the beneficial effects that the move will have on the economy. According to Adam Stewart, the move is a very inspirational one for the company and the country as it relates to going forward.


He also spoke about the fact that there is much gratitude, and pride in the family as it concerns the new move to construct the resort. The property was bought by Butch Stewart, just last year who unfortunately did not live to see the fruition however, his son is not giving up on the project and has incorporated the Government on the matter going forward.

The new resort as reported by Prime Minister is set to cost over $US 230 million dollars, however, according to him there will be 2100 jobs that will be created due to the project, and with so many plans in place already the resort is being predicted to help the country’s economy with a post-pandemic boom.

Along with the Prime Minister, other ministers such as Karl Samuda, Audley Shaw and more were present at the groundbreaking event along with retired Sandals general manager Louis Grant.

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