Adams gets huge support from Jamaicans… New petition in hope to hire the top Cop

[Sharingbuttons]Jamaicans are pointing to who they want to be the country’s next commissioner by creating a petition online where persons can vote on the matter. As soon as out-going commissioner Quallo tenured his resignation to the public a petition was posted online to get Adams hired for the job, petition was posted on with a target of getting 5,000 signatures. As of recent check it has garnered some 3,860 signatures, almost 4k.

Current Commissioner George Quallo made his announcement couple days ago, Reneto Adams who was guest on a popular TV program stated that he his eager to get the job and went as far as to say that previously appointed commissioners were not suited for the demanding job that’s required to ease the nation’s ongoing crime problems.

The trigger happy Adams also stated that he would only need 6 months to fix the problem, went as far as to say he would do the work free as an effort to help save the country.

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