Adidas Unveils Multi-Billion Investment Plan for Jamaican Athletics

Adidas has put forward a comprehensive proposal to revolutionize Jamaica‘s track and field scene, per reports. The German company’s plan, detailed in a document, showcases an ambitious investment exceeding JM $5.7 billion over the next eight years. This initiative is designed to nurture the nation’s athletic talent at every level and includes significant upgrades to sporting infrastructure.

Central to Adidas’ strategy is a yearly financial commitment of nearly US $3 million (approximately JM $441 million) to the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA). This funding, intended to span eight years, aims to support the JAAA’s ongoing efforts to elevate Jamaican track and field.


In addition to monetary support, as reported by Nationwide Sports, Adidas is set to provide substantial equipment contributions annually. This includes general sports products worth US $2 million and an additional US $50,000 in gear specifically for nurturing the next generation of Jamaican athletes.

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A notable feature of the proposal is a 10% annual royalty bonus from the sales of Adidas apparel, further linking the brand’s success with the advancement of Jamaican athletics.

Infrastructure enhancements are also a key component of the deal, with an annual budget of US $250,000 allocated for the repair and upgrading of sports facilities across Jamaica. Moreover, Adidas plans to establish a US $2.5 million yearly retainer for the JAAA, alongside a dedicated executive travel fund for the JAAA president, underscoring the comprehensive nature of the support.

The proposal extends to athlete incentives, offering substantial rewards for medalists at major global competitions, including the Olympic Games and World Championships. These financial incentives are designed to motivate Jamaican athletes to excel on the world stage.

Despite the excitement surrounding this proposal, it’s noted that the JAAA is currently engaged in a contract with Puma, set to conclude later this year. The transition to a new partnership with Adidas is anticipated to commence in 2025, pending approval from the JAAA.

Nationwide Sports’ insights into this potential partnership highlight a transformative period for Jamaican athletics, promising not only to bolster the country’s track and field capabilities but also to inspire the next generation of athletes with world-class support and resources.

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